What exactly is it that you do?

Research, strategic planning and concept development for improving business and marketing activities through the integration of different media and disciplines. The output is typically a blueprint prepared for pre-production or creative execution.


What is IExI?

IExI is short for Integrated Experience Innovation, and it is the 7-step process that takes us through objective through research and development to the blueprint for building a new integrated experience.


How many people are on the team?

Honestly, we don’t know. As the network reaches out across the world from one-person set-ups to companies with a thousand employees, what we can say is that there are more than a thousand of such diverse entities in the C:N:A network. Point is, our team is put together to meet the individual needs of the clients. You may want to work only with C:N:A founder Klaus Sommer Paulsen, or you may need a team of robot builders or something else completely. We could not fit all possible constellations under one roof anyway.